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About the Band

Andrew Cole & The Bravo Hops


We banded together in the summer of 2014 and released our debut album “Out of the Sunshine” in Oct 2014. Cole, percussionist Patrick Reynolds, and bass player and producer Al Hemberger recorded the album in live sessions at Hemberger’s legendary Loft Recording Studios in Bronxville, NY. Lead guitarist Tim Petty later joined the band for our first live performance and on our second album "Everything Is Glass," which was released in the Fall of 2015. More recently, the band has been joined by Bobby Renner on drums, and we released our third album - River Talk - in Sept 2017. Centered around Cole's original songs, the band plays bluesy, country rock melodies interwoven with percussion, harmonica and acoustic guitar instrumentals.  


 Andrew Cole – Vocals, guitar and harmonica


Bobby Renner – Percussion


Al Hemberger – Bass and production


Tim Petty - Guitar