Andrew Cole & The Bravo Hops

We banded together in the summer of 2014 and released our debut album “Out of the Sunshine” in October. Cole, percussionist Patrick Reynolds, and bass player and producer Al Hemberger recorded the album in live sessions at Hemberger’s legendary Loft Recording Studios in Bronxville, NY. Lead guitarist Tim Petty later joined the band for our first live performance. More recently, the band has been joined by Bobby Renner on drums and Ethan Goldman on the saxophone. The band has released five albums of original music, most recently "Road Paint" in 2022.

Centered around Cole's original songs, the band plays bluesy, country rock melodies interwoven with percussion, harmonica and acoustic guitar instrumentals.  

Andrew Cole – Vocals, guitar and harmonica

Bobby Renner – Percussion

Al Hemberger – Bass and production

Tim Petty - Guitar

Ethan Goldman - Saxophone

The band believes in giving back and in that spirit, they donate a portion of album sales and gig proceeds to non-profits improving children's lives with music & education, including Education Through Music.